Plenty Good Room



  1. The Word Was God
    Rosephayne Powell
  2. Plenty Good Room
    arr. Moses Hogan
    John Frye, bass
  3. Stomp Your Foot
    from The Tender Land
    Aaron Copland
  4. Barechu
    Salamone Rossi
  5. Byker Hill
    arr. Mitchell Sandler
    John Frye, Marcus LaPratt, Steve Pierce, trio
    Evan Cohen, Jeff Harris, Jeff Swan, trio
  6. I Can’t Tarry
    arr. David Morrow
    Will Grapetine, baritone
  7. Sing Me To Heaven
    Daniel Gawthrop
  8. Bogorodiste Devo
    from All-Night Vigil
    Sergei Rachmaninoff
  9. Dulaman
    Michael McGlynn
    Brent Lofgren, bass
  10. Loch Lomond
    arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
    Lloyd Bloom, baritone
  11. Sacramento Sis-Joe
    Jackson Berkey
  12. For the Fallen
    Mike Sammes
  13. Hallelujah
    from Chris on the Mount of Olives
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Dr. Leonard L. Riccinto, conductor
  14. A Parting Blessing
    J. Jerome Williams


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